Brazilian Butt Lift Fresno

Fat can be harvested during liposuction to be used for transfer to other body parts where volume enhancement is needed. An area that is often requested is fat transfer to the buttocks. Patients are sometimes unhappy with the appearance of their behind and want it enhanced or lifted.

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Fat is typically harvested from the abdomen, hips, thighs or arms. This fat is separated and prepared with PRP or Platelet Rich Protein for immediate transfer. Typically, about 300 – 400 cc of fat are needed for transfer. This is considered a large volume fat-graft. We need to harvest fat from multiple areas to be able to obtain that much fat. This results in volume reduction of needed areas to make the body more proportional and the buttocks more pronounced.

With the addition of PRP to the fat, we have noticed an accelerated healing phase and a higher percentage of take of the fat.

If a patient desires a buttock lift also, liposuction and be performed in certain areas to lift the buttock or a minimally invasive suture suspension can be performed to lift the buttocks.

The following patients are typical who desire fat transfer to the buttocks. They usually have too much volume in their waist and hips. Repositioning the fat makes their bodies more proportional and shapely.