Facial Fat Transfer in Fresno

Many of our Fresno clients concerned with facial aging are bothered by a loss of tissue volume. As we lose our subcutaneous tissue such as fat and collagen we see the typical changes associated with the aging face. The skin appears more lax and more creases and wrinkles begin to appear. To correct this we need to replace the volume and restore three contours. Fat grafting to the face should be done globally and it can be done alone or in combination with a face-lift or other facial surgery. My colleague and mentor Dr. Mark Berman calls this a space lift. By lifting or positioning the skin off the facial skeleton we can restore our youthful contours and maximize our facial rejuvenation results. The results appear natural and without the pullback appearance of a facelift. This procedure is truly an art and one of my favorite procedures to perform.

The results can be long lasting (1-5 years) and with advancements in techniques the results are more predictable and reproducible.

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Fat is harvested during liposuction surgery or during especially for tissue grafting procedures. Small cannulas are used to collect the fat from diet resistant areas of the body. The fat is then prepared for tissue transfer. We add PRP (Platelet Rich Protein) to improve the take of the fat and to accelerate the healing phase.

Patients are usually swollen for 1-2 weeks. My approach for facial fat tissue is to look at the patient and see where volume restoration is needed. Most patients need volume restored in multiple areas. It is useful to look at old photos to see where volume has been lost. I usually build up the eyebrows and soften the globellar (lines between the eyes) with fat. This lifts the eyebrows off the bony prominence and restores their youthful look. Thin patients often need their temporal areas filled with fat to obscure prominent vessels often present.

The mid face can be nicely rejuvenated with volume placement in the cheeks and tear troughs. A tear trough deficiency often gives patients a tired look. Deep nasal labial folds can be nicely filled and softened. Elevating the cheeks help correct the nasal labial folds.

The lips and smile lines can also be enhanced. Smokers lines can be significantly reduced and the lips can be enhanced and look natural.

The inverted horseshoe chin defect under the lower lip can be corrected to soften the chin. Chin augmentation can also be performed and in some cases this can replace chin implants.

Certain patients need to have their jaw line augmented with fat to give them a sharper border and to help camouflage jowls. This is truly a creative process that can help restore one’s youthful appearance that appears natural.