J plasma for Skin Tightening

The J plasma combines radio frequency heat energy with helium gas to produce a plasma that has very controlled depth of penetration and lateral spread.  We have been using to resurfacing of the face causing remarkable collagen remodeling and skin tightening.  See our before and after pictures for the resurfacing effects.

I am now introducing the probe in the subcutaneous tissue and directing it at the dermis to promote skin tightening.  The dermis tightens significantly which one can visualize.

Based on clinical observation, the tightening is just as much as the resurfacing effect that we observe when the J Plasma is done on top of the skin, but the recovery is just a fraction of the time since the epidermis is not damaged.

Radiofrequency has been around for a while as a non-ablative technology used to target  photodamage, skin laxity, wrinkles,, acne vulgaris, scarring and cellulite.  It uses an electrical current while lasers use a light source and certain wave lengths of light.  Comparing different studies in the literature on Radiofrequency it has been shown to be a safe, tolerable method of energy to treat various conditions as mentioned previously, but most of the studies in the literature are not controlled or randomized and use subjective means of evaluation.  Despite the design of the studies, most show moderate results.   A lot of these studies are combined with other modalities.

There are currently no studies combining Radioquency with Helium gas which is the energy modality of the J Plasma with other modalities in the literature.

Below is a patient that had Vaser Lipo of her arms then had the J Plasma subcutaneous tightening in arms and upper back.   She also had liposuction and tightening of her inner thighs hoping to avoid a thigh lift.  She is here 5 weeks after the surgery.


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