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At the Aesthetic Med Spa we offer the latest in medspa treatments to help you reach your aesthetic goals. B Dr. Lopez can has helped many patients look 10 years younger with her med spa services.

Below is a list of services we offer at our med spa:

The aging face has may causes and there are changes that occur on multiple layers.

The face was originally thought to age by having soft tissue laxity or stretching , droppingB and descent of the skin over time on account of gravity.

Complex studies have shown that there are bony changes that occur with time.B The bone is resorbed and remodeled.B This has lead to shifting of the bones with such changes as posterior shifting of the maxilla, lateral inferior shifting of the orbital rim and shrinking of the mandible in the vertical and horizontal plane.B This creates a shifting of the soft tissue and ligaments of the face.B When combined with fat shrinkage and volume loss, these explain the changes that occur at different layers.

The loss of volume in the face in certain compartments gives off the appearance of skin laxity and prominent folds in areas such as the nasolabial and periorbital.B The jaw line also develops jowling.

radiesse bannerRadiesse(R) contains calcium hydroxyapatite.B B B These microspheres once injected will stimulate the production of your own collagen over time.B The filling effect has been shown to last about a year. Radiesse (R) can be injected subperiosteally or preperiosteally which is under the surface of the bone or on top of the bone to correct bone loss in the chin and midface.

Other areas that Radiesse (R) is ideal for correcting include:

Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines which begin at the corner of the mouth and extend downward

Corners of the mouth can be combined with a neuromodulator to relax the depressor angular oris which is a muscle that turns down the corner of the mouth.B .

Upper outer corner of the upper lip can be filled to elevate the upper lip and allow lifting of difficult marionette lines.

Pre-jowl sulcus appears as an indentation in the jaw line that accentuates the appearance of the jowls.B This can be filled to give a sharper jaw line.

Hands loss volume with age and the veins can appear prominent.B Radiesse (R) can be used to replace the volume loss and it will stimulate your own collagen production.B It can last up to 18 months and is 100% biodegradable.

Another important characteristic of Radiesse which makes it ideal to fill the following areas is it Gb or elastic modulus.B It is a measure of its stiffness and ability to maintain it shape over time.B A higher Gb also results in longer duration. It also has a higher viscosity or n* which means it has a higher resistance to flow and less ability to spread in the tissues. These are usually injected deeply in the subcutaneous plane on on top or just under bone.B Being deep prevents nodule formation.

The Gb of Radiesse (R) is 1407.B This makes it an ideal filler when you want to fill deep folds and give significant volume to areas such as the cheeks.

I like to inject most of my fillers with blunt-tipped Microcannulas.B Watch some of my videos to watch me inject this fillers.

I like using Microcannuals because I feel the patients have less pain, swelling and bruising durning the procedure.B There is also a theoretically less risk of intravascular injection which has been thought to potentially cause blindness.

The procedure takes me about 30 minutes to inject.B I usually mix it with lidocaine to decrease the discomfort and to potentially decrease the Gb so I can inject it more superficially.B The results are immediate and there is very little down time.

Belotero (R) Dermal filler

The skin also goes through changes over timed due to internal and external factors.B Important factors that accelerate the aging process include smoking and sun exposure. There is an increased production of substances like free radicals that causeB changes that result in thinning of the epidermis , loss of the normal orientation of healthy collagen fibers and the accumulation of abnormal cells in the extracellular matrix. GAGbs or glycosaminoglycans are decreased and not in the correct position so the skin appears dry, wrinkled and leathery.

Hyaluronic Acids or HAbs are a group of fillers that are used to replace some of the support structures that are lost with age.B Belotero(R) has a low Gb ( 30)B and Viscosity ( 9,217) making it ideal to fill very superficially and not have it be seen under the skin.B It spreads smoothly so bumps and discoloration is usually not seen.B I like this filler for fine superficial lines around the mouth or smokerbs lines which are called vertical lip rhytids.B It can be filled with a fine needle around the mouth.

Another area that is somewhat difficult to treat is the infraorbital area.B Volume loss, genetics, and shifting of the bones as we age contribute to the appearance of bags under the eyes with an area of demarcation.B This is an area where I find Belotero (R to be an ideal filler because it is thin, spreads nicely to fill in the defects and abnormal discoloration and lumps are not seen.B I have several videos where I am filling this area with microcannulas.B Unfortunately, this area does swell in some patients so I encourage them to ice the area and take antihistamines like benadyl.B Arnica which is an herb also helps with the inflammation.

Most clinical studies show Belotero(R) to last at least 6 months and longer.

Other HAbs that I like to use are Restylane and Perlane.B Their Gb are 549 and 514 respectfully.B They are a little thicker than Belotero(R) and are ideal for lip enhancement.B They are thicker and give a better fill to the lips.B They are stable in areas where there is a lot of movement and theyB usually donbt form nodules in the lips.B I also use them to fill the tear trough and cheeks.B If placed too superficial lumps and discoloration can occur.B Perlane being thicker can be placed a little more deeper in the dermis.

Hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve HAbs that have been placed too superficial and appear lumpy.B One can usually see the effect within a few minutes.B Within 24 hours there will be 100% effect.